– Validate professional complementary health care courses

– Work diligently on behalf of the complementary health care practitioners registered with our Board with regards to support, direction, dissemination of knowledge, and proper validation of these disciplines

– Develop, stimulate, and maintain high professional standards of qualification and practice among its membership

– Establish and provide a forum for the development, exchange, and dissemination of knowledge and skills appropriate to the requirements of professional complementary health care practice

– Provide a National and International Registration of Professionals

– Provide disciplinary procedures for serious professional misconduct

– Have been active members of the Steering Committee of the Toronto Licensing Advisory Committee on Holistic Practices for the past 4 years, working to bring the Metro by-law on Holistic Practices into effect. This by-law, entirely or in part, is being used as a guideline for similar by-laws in other vicinities across Canada

– Continually work to gain a greater recognition of these complementary practices by a larger number of insurance companies so disciplines such as Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Myomassology, etc. become a familiar presence in extended health care packages. Acupuncture already has attained widespread acceptance and we work toward similar recognition for other practices.

……More Membership Advantages

In order to receive a Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, or Richmond Hill holistic business license to practice as an alternative health care provider, you must demonstrate yourself to be a member in good standing of a complementary health care organization such as ours. The Metro by-law, entirely or in part, will likely be used as a guideline across Canada in the near future. Being a member of The Canadian Examining Board will allow you to secure Errors & Ommissions/Malpractice Insurance.

Your certification is a legally registered designation federally recognized across Canada. It also brings with it a history of credibility in this field as the Canadian Examining Board is the body that started 12 years ago to negotiate with insurance companies so that malpractice insurance can now be received for disciplines such as acupuncture, shiatsu and aromatherapy, and continues to negotiate for other therapies. This has led to third-party insurer acceptance. Therefore, not only does it help to bring an added credibility to you as a therapist — and act as a testament to your high level of quality training and acquired skills — but any clients who have extended health care benefits that cover your treatment may then take the receipt that you have issued them, submit it to their insurance company, and receive the reimbursement that is applicable to them under the terms of their insurance agreement.

One primary focus of the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners is to be involved in — and to keep abreast of — ongoing research, development and education relating to the safe and proper provision of alternative health care services. We disseminate this information to our membership community, but more importantly, we actively support and advise our members of their legal rights in the alternative health field, in the interests of fair, professional, and safe conduct.

The following are 3 major reasons why members would fail to qualify for renewal with the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners, and thereby be suspended from the Board. Subsequently, their registration numbers would be posted on our Suspension List on this website.

1) Should the holistic practitioner be charged and convicted under their local by-law
2) Should the holistic practitioner be criminally convicted (pertaining to morality offences)
3) Should the holistic practitioner fail to pay their annual dues to the Canadian Examining Board.

Benefits of Membership

1. Membership with Canadian Examining qualifies you to apply for malpractice insurance.
2. Major insurance companies may cover the discipline you practice. (Check with your patient, what their coverage is)
3. Legal designation to identify what you practice.
4. Recognized by municipalities who require educational standards and recognized associations.
5. We act as liaison between municipalities and insurance companies on behalf of our members.
6. Fees are tax deductible
7. Continuing education is promoted and is taught by the CEB.